Last run of the year…

A new running top for Christmas and a steady capture thanks to my new Selfie Stick ;)
A new running top for Christmas and a steady capture thanks to my new Selfie Stick 😉

*the run where I realize that mid run full face selfies are not a good idea!

I had a great run today and managed to get past 5K.

I simply wanted to do a run as I have been quite sedate this last couple of days as we have been home with our families and friends therefore we have literally sat in the car, sat on various sofas and drunk copious amounts of weak tea 😦

Richard has a golfing tournament with his buddies today so I decided I would get up early, head into town then go for a run when I got back (giving the heavy frost some chance of thawing out).

I was intending to a) run around the block and back (3K) and b) try the new Polaroid Cube camera Richard gave me for Christmas.

Even though I had a few stops to a drink and to go down to a walking pace I did indeed run 3K – I did much better and ran on to 5.5K.  I decided mid way in that I could do it and was looking forward to a different route and some variety to blow the cob webs away.

It worked as I thoroughly enjoyed this run.  It was damn cold and I was sore as I have not put in much mileage recently but that’s irrelevant as I feel 100 times better for completing today’s run.  The distance has helped boost my confidence too.  Regardless of the cold and the shoulder problems there should be nothing that stops me and this run was a great way to prove it.

I have had a number of things on my mind too as my uncle passed away before Christmas and this time of year weighs heavy on ones mind- the run also helped to clear my mind and my thoughts and helped me de stress.

I did manage to use the Polaroid Cube Camera and stopped a few times to switch it on and try it.

Lesson one – if you are using it for activity outdoors then make sure the beeps are not disabled!

I took several movies and photos in the midst of my run, at different stages and in various light and the camera managed very well.

I have ordered the strap which should help stabilise the shots (when I work out what I am strapping it to) but for now I am very happy with the results.  For such a small device the photographs are clear and have a very wide angle.  The videos are great crisp HD 1080p quality and the sound is clear too (although I masked that as all I got today was me panting!).

Watching my clips I now know that I will not be filming myself straight on any more as mid run selfies are not that pretty.  I can see why so many people upload photos of them from the side, the top of t heir head or at arms length – I shall be doing that in future.

The best type of mid run selfie!
The best type of mid run selfie!

Be grateful you don’t get to see what I edited out!

Anyway here is the final edit – enjoy 🙂

Check out the all important stats at Garmin Connect or Strava.

Thanks for following and thanks for your loyalty and comments in 2014 – Happy New Year!  Here’s to new challenges and more milage in 2015.



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