You know what our house needs? #morecats


This is Tilly


Today we adopted Tilly from the local Blue Cross animal sanctuary.

She was rescued from a home which had 11 cats and 2 pit bulls. Her previous owners were not looking after them properly so they were removed for their welfare.


After an hour in the house she’s already ruling the roost 😉

At 4 years old I am sure we are going to be together as a loving family for a very long time 😉

Welcome Tilly x


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  1. Welcome to a very special home Tilly. My respect and admiration for the two of you for adoption an adult cat. So few people want fully grown cats and or dogs. May your home be filled with the utter amazingly love a cat can give. Ivan.

    1. Keith says:

      Ivan that’s very kind of you. She’s had plenty of fuss and had a bit of an explore tonight. I’m sure we’ll get to know one another well enough very soon.

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