Chilly Willy!


Polaroid CUBEWell not quite but it was a cold and frosty run this morning.

I was extra vigilant on the paths as there was lots of black ice and frost around.

At -3 it was certainly a cold run but I wrapped up warm.

The air did get to my chest and I felt a little rough at the start but once my chest and lungs warmed up I was ok.

It was a little tough on my calves today but I managed to push past 4K – today was more about doing a run than any distance or time anyway so I am pleased I have started my runs for 2015.

merunningI took the Polaroid Cube with me again and it’s easier to control now the beeps are audible – I simply have to learn what they all mean 😉

I decided to create a little gif from my run – not very exciting but just testing what I can do 🙂

A good run and a nice way to spend a sunny crisp morning.

Check out the stats on Strava or Garmin.

Remember I am running the British Heart Foundation 10K in March – please sponsor me if you can.  Thanks.


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