Off with his head!

2015/01/img_0667.jpgIn the interest of time (and the current temperature!), I decided to run during my lunch break today instead of waiting until I got home.

This was a good plan as the temp didn’t actually get above zero at all today – and that includes the middle of London.

My intention was to complete a run to the Tower of London then back again. I’ve not run the route for a bit so wasn’t sure of the distance but I thought it would be nice to run down there, take a selfie then head back.

Surprisingly given it is cold and January, there are still a lot of tourists around which made it a bit of a challenge on the route as I was ducking and diving all over the place. As is usual for London there were the odd detours too thanks to building and road works.

I got to the Tower of London, took my snap then thought I’d be nice and offer to take a photo of a pair of tourists who were struggling to capture themselves in front of Tower Bridge.

Inspired by the bridge I thought it would make sense to keep the run fresh and to head across the bridge and come back along the South Bank.

There were lots of people around and I usually don’t like this section as it’s filled with restaurants and bars which smell delicious as you run through. Sadly today I made matters worse as I seemed to have forgotten where the stairs are on London Bridge to get you back on the Thames Path. I decided to head towards the station and off the bridge but this was an instant mistake as I ended up running through Borough Market. It’s hard to walk through there most days let alone run!

I did manage to dodge my way around lots of people and got to the edge of the market and was back on track but for the life of me I cannot work out where I went wrong!

I am sure the visitors to the market were really pleased to see me hurtling towards them!

Anwyay I ran back down along the river and decided I would run to Blackfriars and stop – this surprisingly took me over 5K and got me to 5.6K today – I hadn’t intended on running so far but it was enjoyable.

I don’t run in London half as much as I should as I am very lucky to have this great city on the doorstep of my office.


It was very clear and bright today but it was cold and I could feel it when I was running into the wind along the river Thames. In fact I decided not to take my cap and wear my Buff as a headband – it worked but there was a lot of perspiration coming through the band by the time I got back to the office.

I stretched on Blackfriars Bridge and watched people milling by as I tried to help ease my aching legs.

I am pleased I have been out for a run though as it takes the pressure off trying to fit it in tonight and it made a nice change from the normal routine in Colchester.

Strava recorded this route from previous runs and I am very nearly as fast as my fastest time for that whole section (and that would have been running with Paul – Mister Fit). It did record I was faster on various sections today so I am very pleased with my progress 🙂

Check out my run details on Strava.

Remember although I am running for fun I am also trying to raise money for the the British Heart Foundation. My next race is the BHF 10K in Regents Park in March and I would be very grateful if you could sponsor me – remember every penny (or cent, francs, euros etc) counts. Thank you.


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  1. Ellen says:

    I’ve not run that part of London but where on earth DOES the path go at London Bridge!? A lunchtime run down to Buckingham Palace and back is also a lovely route if you can get there!

    1. Keith says:

      Well the strange things is I know it’s possible as I have run it before. I need to check my old routes to see what I did.

      I should run towards Green Park etc as plenty in work do. I tend to stick to running along the river though.

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