Maybe intervals were not such a good idea

IMG_0861Thanks to work, icy conditions and other events I have not had the time to do any running in nearly two weeks which has driven me a little mad.

I decided today was the day to get back into my trainers and planned a short 3K just to get my legs moving again.

Whilst getting dressed for my run I decided to put on my Moov coach and ensure I pushed myself by running intervals.

Now I know it wasn’t a large time between runs really but hitting a hard interval session first day out in the cold probably wasn’t the best idea.

Before I even started the intervals Moov was telling me I was running too hard and land too hard so I slowed down and held back, holding everything for the intervals.

I hit the first one well, too well.  I went from level 3 to 6 and this continued for a while.  The second level 6 was tough so I cut back to 4 and then back to 3.  All seemed ok but the spaces in between really were a mix of walking and jogging as my legs were very heavy and my breathing was a bit laboured due to the cold conditions.

I decided to change the route back for the final interval and put in an extra interval above the usual training session.  I am not sure whether it was momentum or will that drove me up but I managed to run at 202 steps per minute which is insane!  I was struggling to reach the average 174 yet found just enough energy to push on the last section.

Todays interval session
Todays interval session

I stopped after this, walking back to the house and composing myself, pleased that I had completed a run and happy that although not a steady paced 3K, I had managed hard intervals which really worked my body to its near maximum capacity.

I am going to continue my training for the first 10K of the year but this may not be until May now as I have decided not to run the Regents Park 10K in March because I will have problems getting in and out of London due to rail engineering works 😞  I am still running for the British Heart Foundation though so all sponsorship received so far remains valid and I look forward to more of your generosity.

I did enter the public ballot for the Royal Parks Half Marathon but once again I was unsuccessful in securing a place 😞  My friend Enda was luckier this year and has secured himself s spot.  I am not too disappointed though as there will be other races…

Check out my race details on Strava.


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