Stop Go Stop Go Stop!


I was considering whether I should run as I am still not feeling 100% but I eventually decided anything was better than nothing and if I was feeling ill I would stop.

And that is almost what happened!

It was a bit warmer than it has been and looked spring like – thing is it is still February so It’s not that warm!

squareI was getting into my stride when I had to stop for a woman driving a car who did not see me – I am sure she would have been the first to complain if she had to stop for another driver but as she was carting her precious daughter back from school run I must remember she owns the road (hint of sarcasm there).

Then I had to stop for a van turning into a junction – not a problem here as the driver indicated etc.

Then I was stopped by a lorry driver (who couldn’t speak any English!), asking me for directions to a place I didn’t recall.

I eventually got some sort of pace back but my legs were a bit tight from stopping so much so I decided to run back to the house and stop.  So I did.

Not my longest, fastest or best run ever but it’s a run.

Check out the details on Strava.


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