Spring Determination

I decided to head out with some music today as I needed some motivation and something else to focus on.

It was a lovely day – much warmer than it has been except for the high winds on the return legs of the run.

I got a good pace and was running well but realised I had run a little too far too fast (especially based on what I have run recently).  I didn’t beat myself up about stopping to walk in a few sections but had decided to counter act the brief slow parts by running at least to 4K.

It wasn’t long before I got to 3.5K and decided to carry on until 5K.  In fact I have decided that all my runs now will be at least 5K – you all have to hold me to this ok!

I’m happy the weather is on the turn and hopefully this is the start of better, warmer and brighter runs (two weeks until the clocks change so fingers crossed).


Spring has sprung in the garden too and the cyclamen and the narcissi I planted last year have sprung into life giving a wonderful show of colour.  I also saw a butterfly on the run today 🙂

I was supposed to run the British Heart Foundation 10K in Regent’s Park today but have had to rearrange to another race as there are no trains into London this weekend.  At least I have until the middle of May to get ready for the Tower of London 10K.

Whatever you do and if you are able, make the most of the change in the seasons this weekend.

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