Good going for such a long day

It’s been another long day at the end of what already feels like a long week. But I made myself don my trainers and go for a run.

I didn’t want to run 4 interval sessions but I did and I am very pleased with my progressed.  I know I pushed hard as I stopped at the bottom of the stairs for two minutes when I got back and actually found it difficult going up both flights to the shower!

I am a little annoyed the Get Moov did not register my run even though it was going through all the intervals – this is a real shame as I think I did really well.

Never mind, at least iSmoothRun tracked me and uploaded everything to Strava.

My trainers received a full post run inspection too 🙂

Tilly has some weird habits!
Tilly has some weird habits!



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  1. Love your cat. We also have two with the most bizarre habits. But then we not a normal house. Ivan

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