The humid beach 5k

 Following a really inclement day the weather broke (typical Tofino) and I decdided to stretch my legs.

I ran a loop around the road by the cabin then hit the beach for a loop around the coast.

MacKenzie Beach 270415I wore compression gear thinking I would be cold as it was wet earlier but it was actually really humid. Thankfully the run back to the log cabin was a nice run into the wind.

Loads of people were out and about and I was joined by a couple of rambunctious pugs who decided to chase me along the beach at the end.

And yes I ended today’s run with stretches and a well earned soak in the hot tub.  Whether my soak was naked or not, I couldn’t possibly comment 😉

Check out the stats on Strava.


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  1. t.e.d.d.y. says:

    ❤️ Tofino! Such an inspiring place. You’ve done a great job running at that pace on the wet sand. Impressive!

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Teddy that’s really kind of you to say so. It is stunning here isn’t it 😃

      1. t.e.d.d.y. says:

        One of my favourite places for sure. I can never get tired of going there 🙂

      2. Keith says:

        I wish it were closer to home but if it were it wouldn’t be so special.

      3. t.e.d.d.y. says:

        So true 🙂

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