Good news. Not so good news. 

Monday I took delivery of my new (new) Tom Tom Cardio a Runners Watch. 

No thanks to Sweatshop I got the replacement a week later but at least I have it and first impressions are good. 

I’ve set it up and got it syncing to Tom Tom, Strava, Runkeeper and Nike automatically which is great. 

I hadn’t appreciated how much you can program it or use it for training on the go which is an added bonus. 

The HRM works almost instantly and the GPS lock is much quicker than the Garmin – even finding a fix inside the house in a short time. 

The not so good news is that I have been incredibly busy and a little run down so have not had the opportunity to run. 

We had a great weekend with friends but during this time I finished a course of antibiotics and now my throat and mouth are sore and full of ulcers (a possible side effect of the drug). 

It’s currently difficult to breath deeply through my throat or swallow so I am having to lay off the running until it’s cleared. 

This is so annoying as I was doing so well.  I know from experience that the body gets conditioned and does not lose this quickly.  I will be able to run again so. I simply need to concentrate on getting better. 


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  1. Nachthawk says:

    Sorry to read about your health – so get well soon and I am looking forward to your first run with the new device…

    1. Keith says:

      Thank you. I actually feel well. It simply concentrated on my throat and mouth which is annoying.

      1. Nachthawk says:

        I know what you mean… once you have it in the body it is a pain in the neck – so to speak

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