Testing the knees and remembering absent friends


IMG_4168I ended my hectic day working from home by sorting the house and finishing the housework.  This was to ensure the house is spick and span for when my parents arrived tomorrow.

I managed to complete that with energy to spare so went for another 3K loop to see how my knees would cope.

I have been diligently completing the quad exercises and am very pleased with the progress I have made.

Today’s run started quicker than Tuesday and I managed to keep a fairly consistent pace all the way again.

I stopped again at 3K as I did not want to over do it but I am very pleased with my progress and will now get back to my regular distances.

The photo is a miniature rose that I acquired from the office which I am going to plant tomorrow.  Tomorrow  marks the first anniversary of Brandy leaving us (actually it’s a year to the day 😞 ) and I thought it fitting that I plant a mini yellow rose where our lovely blonde pawed girl is laid to rest.

Then it will be off to the airport to collect my parents whilst Richard makes his way back from Florida.  Then it’s a week off for us and I have a feeling it will be a pretty relaxed one!

Check out the stats from today’s loop on Strava.


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