3K (s)

Look at all that scary HD selfie realness!
Look at all that scary HDR selfie realness!

A quick run around the block as I have not run since the weekend my parents arrived.  I have either been too busy or feeling under the weather.

Today’s run was a good 3K and although I had some problems with getting crap on my chest I felt OK.

I pushed myself and managed to run the whole thing with no niggles or having to slow down.

It’s much crisper out there now and it certainly felt autumnal although the blazing sunshine was a big boost.

This was the inaugural run for my iPhone 6s which arrived yesterday. As you can probably tell the detail in the running selfie is a scarier than usual!

So far I am enjoying the phone and the Live Photos (see below for my first and favourite) and 3D Touch are great. The phone is also incredibly fast.

As usual check all the details from the run on Strava.


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  1. vinnieh says:

    Great post, sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve done a couple of bum posts that have been very popular, please check em out.

    1. Keith says:

      😉. Will do. No worries. Thanks.

      1. vinnieh says:

        I look forward to your comments.

      2. vinnieh says:

        Hope you liked those posts I did.

  2. Nachthawk says:

    hi and congrats on the 6s… toying with the idea myself. looked at the iwatch sport earlier and seems an interesting gadget. going out for a run later, feels great to be back out there.
    have a brill weekend.

    1. Keith says:

      Yep I saw that. Good for you.

      I wouldn’t worry about the Apple Watch. My other half has had one and he uses it but it’s not got a killer use. I don’t see the point.

      At least the phone has many uses and benefits.

      1. Nachthawk says:

        completely agree, however i am interested in the health data and don’t want to continue using the garmin. so will flog that and probably get an iwatch sport.
        you can even get a weighing scale and all data is collected throughout and that is the setup i am aiming at….

      2. Keith says:

        Cool sounds like a plan.
        I have the Withings scale and that syncs via wifi to my iPhone. It registers weight, heart rate, fat content, steps and weather.

      3. Nachthawk says:

        I saw that one being offered at euro 149.00 – thought that was kinda steep, however probably a good buy for the stuff I would like to set up…

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