*5* 4 3 2 1!

It’s only 5 days until Janet Jackson’s new album Unbreakable is released and it’s already making waves around the world.

The world tour has had a blistering start and I feel like I can enjoy music once again.

Collaborations with the likes of Missy Elliott (BurnItUp) and working with Jam and Lewis have brought Janet back to what she’s best at.

Each day this week until Unbreakable day I will share one of my top 5 Janet tracks

Today – The Pleasure Principal – Janet at her edgeiest even in her Control days way back in the 80’s.

And yes I still know the routine… Although I don’t ever remember being brave enough to try the segment with the chair. 

Just outside the top 5 were (and there are too many to mention):

  • That’s the way (love goes)
  • All Nite (Don’ Stop)
  • Love Will Never Do (Without You)
  • My Baby
  • Feedback
Come back tomorrow to see what’s next in my countdown to Unbreakable day!

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