That’s the only way to describe this run.

I didn’t get that far into the run (just under a kilometre), when things started to hurt.

My knees, calves, shins, thighs all started to burn and it felt really uncomfortable.

I stopped and walked for a bit – in fact I did this twice but each time I seemed unable to  find my stride and each time I had problems.

I had a brief moment of decent motion but then simply had to give up.

As you can see from the heat map, this was not a very fluid run 😔

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 16.18.58.png

I completed a loop and got back to the house before I admitted defeat.

I was annoyed with myself as not so long ago I could run a half marathon – in fact today was Colchester Half Marathon.  Today I could barely make it to a couple of KM 😔

I am not sure what caused this pain but it may be simply due to the fact Richard and I have been cleaning out the garage and have broken up lots of wood and rubbish and had a few trips to the recycle centre.  Maybe I am expecting too much of  my raging bones.

Now we have space in the garage I am considering a cross trainer or bike to help with my exercises – I might simply need to add more variety to my routine.

Maybe I simply did too much this weekend.

Anyway I am glad I stopped as my legs still hurt so pushing in would have been foolish.

Maybe a better run next time.

The stats (if you can call them that), are on Strava.

My footwear was almost as colourful as my language!

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