The eventful Spanish run

I didn’t run first thing today as we had a very long day on Ronda yesterday and we both decided to have a lie in.  

I waited until after my siesta for it to cool down before heating the promenade. 

Note I don’t run with my cap on backwards. I do this after my run when I stretch.

This was a very different one to what I am use to hear as it was much warmer and there were lots of people and small dogs to avoid.  

The run started with me passing a group at a table at the local restaurant where three men were trying to stop an old woman from choking on her dinner.  I am sure they were successful but they weren’t there when I ran back. 

It was hard going and I think all the extra work my feet and legs did in around Ronda yesterday in flip flops (no comment) really did put extra work into my legs.  

I walked after 2.2k, had a short sprint but saw my heart rate was high (a combination of the heat and my breathing I think), so I found a more measured paced to run past the 4K marker (4.4k today 😃 ). 

Towards the end of the run two young guys were playing with their dog and I thought they were throwing the dogs ball in my direction.  I thought I was imagining it until they continued to do so when I was doing my stretches and also when I walked past to go back to the villa.  Very quickly I realised they were a gay couple and were on the beach cruising!  The dog was an obvious trick/decoy. 

I got back feeling tired but elated that I finished the run and looking forward to a hot shower.  

I headed straight in to go to the balcony to remove my sandy shoes.  My vision was blurred due to my sweaty glasses and I didn’t see that plate glass door was shut. I walked straight into it leaving myself winded and a lovely sweaty imprint of myself across the glass door. 

An eventful run but at least it’s done and I’m in one piece.  Check out the stats on Strava


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    Ouch! Well at least the outcome was only stained glass and nothing more eventful

    1. Keith says:

      Indeed. It would have been much worse :/

  2. Sally says:

    Well done. I feel exhausted just reading it. Sally

    1. Keith says:

      Lol thanks

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