New York Like Never Before

OI000032.jpgThings that happened on this trip to New York that have not happened before:

  1. I got a Nutella facial!
  2. We had a near miss with a money clip
  3. Bumped into a guy in a tiger skin Zoot suit
  4. We went up One World Observatory and saw nothing
  5. Saw Manhattan from Top of the Rock at night
  6. Experienced New York in 360 glory!
  7. Took the Staten Island Ferry past lady Liberty
  8. Oh and the Empire State Building asked to use one of my photographs 🙂 (see above)

And of course much more…

It’s always exciting to visit New York and this trip was no exception.

Check out my photos on Flickr.

I’ve also updated my portfolio with some of my favourites shots from the holiday.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Still one of my favorite cities. Your pictures are truly art. Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Ivan. I do enjoy visiting NYC.

Thanks for your comment!

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