Sexy MF or Bloody PF?

As you may have read, Fridays run did not go according to plan. I decided to do some investigating whilst in the car on the way to Canterbury yesterday and convinced myself I have Plantar Fasciitis...  Most of the symptoms are the same and I am sure it has something to do with the pain I have... Continue Reading →


Walking off the cobwebs

We've both been very busy so decided to go out and get some air today and headed to Dunwich Heath.

Deck the halls with Peanuts!

It's that time of year and it's one I both look forward to an am a little worried about - decorating the house for Christmas. I'm worried as it's Tilly's First Christmas and we do not know how she will react to all the decorations and changes - she has already tried to chew... Continue Reading →

Christmas at Waddesdon Manor

This weekend we continued our traditional festive meet up at Waddesdon Manor....                I'm not a huge fan of Lord Rothschild's taste in art but at least he's supporting such talents. Each year Waddesdon has a different theme and this years was about Light which was interesting and included tubular lighting,... Continue Reading →

Man Machine?

Well it certainly did not feel like I was one today.  I actually felt that I was running like a robot! Ok so this is my first run out in a while and a short one as we have just returned from Germany and the Kraftwerk concert. The weather has taken a real turn here... Continue Reading →

Running with Gale in The City

...gale force winds! I didn't realise just how windy it was in London when I left the office.  The Thames was so choppy it resembled a rough sea.  I ran really well today. I thought I pushed myself too hard as I had very little time to run and simply wanted to get my miles... Continue Reading →

That wasn’t so bad was it?

It was dark It was wet And it was windy But you know what? It wasn't a bad run. It was actually quite mild considering it's November and to be honest it was comfortable enough. Yes my shoes felt a bit different but I didn't really ache and there was no soreness. In fact when... Continue Reading →

Running off the NYC excess

First run back from NYC and I have a new 1.3 kg to sort out - I am sure I will run this off fairly quickly but it will take a while based on today's efforts. I started the run with a sore back and was going to stop at 1KM but continued - my... Continue Reading →

Autumn in Central Park

A few more photographs from NYC:

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