A bleak weekend

Not the brightest of weekends but the opportunity to try and capture the mood, the light and the snow with a time-lapse video. This is my largest volume of shots yet to create this time-lapse – nearly 2,000 photos!


All shot on Victoria Embankment, London during a short walk along the Thames to clear my head. It’s amazing what you see when you look.

Morning has broken

I have been experimenting with timelapse photography and have managed to capture a sunrise from our bedroom window that I am very pleased with. My camera does not have a timelapse function, this is a combination of using the anti-shake option and an external shutter release.  It sounds complicated but once you get used to…

Inner Sanctum

Pet Shop Boys play 4 nights of their new show Inner Sanctum at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London and we managed to go to opening night. Not sure what to expect, not wanting a show full of boxes (Pandemonium) and not really liking the new album Super I was unsure about the evening. I had…