A question for photographers

Are you a photographer? Do you store and edit photos on your computer/laptop.

Maybe you could help me with a question I have about which system you use..?


OnePlus 5 – 2 weeks on

I have had my OnePlus5 for two weeks now and have to say I a very impressed. Having the challenge of taking numerous photos for OnePlus has helped me to think about what I can capture and to put the camera through it’s paces. We’ve had three busy weekends celebrating Richards birthday so there has…

An Android Convert?

I received my OnePlus 5 goody bag on Friday following my win in the OnePlus 5 Photography Competition. OnePlus were very generous. I received: OnePlus 5 128GB 8GB Black silicon case OnePlus Travel Backpack As mentioned before I have only had experience of a stock Android phone with the entry level phone that work provided…

Hell just might freeze over 

Anyone who knows me well (and not that well but well enough to know my online opinions), will know that I am fully signed up to the cult of Apple. I have been for years.  I love the devices.  I love the operating system.  I love the thought and attention to detail.  I admire the…

Tear it Down

Aston Shuffle… Love this.  Great track.  Brilliant video. [youtube http://youtu.be/whnHEaBHlG4]