Happy New Rear!

I’d like to wish you all the very best for 2017. I hope you enjoy celebrating the end of 2016 (it’s been quite a bitch) and look forward to a new year of new hope and new possibilities. Personally, I cannot wait for the new year to begin and look forward with anticipation and hope….

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone.  Have a cracking time 😉 

Happy New Rear!

Be happy, healthy, run wild and do whatever your heart desires in 2016.   Above all, have fun! For more hunk themed fun why not subscribe to the Hunks magazine at Flipboard.

Oh Spongebob!

I think it’s safe to say this shocking image of Spongebob caught in the act doesn’t really surprise anyone!  🙂 From HornyToonsGifs! I had to update the post to include this one 🙂

Cold Cheeks

Well that was a cold run this evening – the wind was rather strong and even though it was 9 degrees it felt much colder.  Thankfully I went out wrapped up and enjoyed the run nonetheless. My trip to the physiotherapist went well yesterday and he is very happy with my progress.  He is most…