Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you’ve had a wonderful year and enjoy the festive period. Richard and I have had a lovely year and have enjoyed a mix of travelling, spending time with family and friends and getting married (we were already legally married but on our 11th anniversary we converted…

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all. Thanks for a great year filled with comments, laughs, updates and stories. I hope you’ve all been good boys and girls for Santa!

Merry Christmas and a Happurry New Year! #tillysfirstchristmas

Hello readers, fellow runners, followers, commenters, stalkers (well maybe not so much you lot), cat lovers and horn dogs! I am writing this post to wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year. This is Tilly’s First Christmas and we are so pleased and humbled by how much she has grown since January….

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish you a Christmas full of fun and a New Year filled with good health and happiness. Thanks to all of you who have followed my exploits this year and have comments, rated, supported and sponsored me through 2013.  As you all know it’s been a packed year and I thank you…