Christmas morning with Tilly

This is fast becoming a Christmas tradition.  Spending Christmas morning putting together Tilly’s present. These things should be straightforward. They never seem to be though.  At least they don’t need batteries!  Still I can’t grumble. Tilly loves her teepee.    Advertisements

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you’ve had a wonderful year and enjoy the festive period. Richard and I have had a lovely year and have enjoyed a mix of travelling, spending time with family and friends and getting married (we were already legally married but on our 11th anniversary we converted…

Decorating our home for Christmas

Today we have dressed the tree and decorated our home ready for Christmas. I hope you enjoy this timelapse of our Sunday fun (3 hours into 30 seconds!).

Merry Christmas

Have a lovely Christmas. Whatever, wherever and however you celebrate, have a lovely time.

Not the best run to end the year

But at least it was a run and I managed to get another in before the end of 2015. My runs at the latter part of the year have not been as good as those at the beginning of the year. I ran in my old Flyknits today and wanted to run a 3K steady….

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all. Thanks for a great year filled with comments, laughs, updates and stories. I hope you’ve all been good boys and girls for Santa!

Merry Christmas and a Happurry New Year! #tillysfirstchristmas

Hello readers, fellow runners, followers, commenters, stalkers (well maybe not so much you lot), cat lovers and horn dogs! I am writing this post to wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year. This is Tilly’s First Christmas and we are so pleased and humbled by how much she has grown since January….

Christmas Party Tonight!

It’s the day of the (main) office Christmas Party.  This follows a traditional carol service and some festive fun from the children of our local primary school.  Time to doth my party hat and put on my dancing shoes!

A Quick Burst*

Definitely a quick burst, of energy, heat and movement! I went for the loop round the block which I am now christening my winter loop! I did remember on the walk back that I have my Buff and some gloves which I think I may need if the runs continue like this. Mainly this is due…

Deck the halls with Peanuts!

It’s that time of year and it’s one I both look forward to an am a little worried about – decorating the house for Christmas. I’m worried as it’s Tilly’s First Christmas and we do not know how she will react to all the decorations and changes – she has already tried to chew the…

Christmas at Waddesdon Manor

This weekend we continued our traditional festive meet up at Waddesdon Manor….                I’m not a huge fan of Lord Rothschild’s taste in art but at least he’s supporting such talents. Each year Waddesdon has a different theme and this years was about Light which was interesting and included tubular lighting,…