My World View

  Whilst at The Photography Show on Saturday, Richard gave me a 360 camera. ¬†I have been having some fun with it since the weekend ūüôā To experience this video in full 360 view, please use Chrome, then use your arrow keys (or your vr headset!) to move around the video.

More London and a Weekend of Photography 

I made myself take a proper lunch break in the week and took my Fuji X70 out with me on my walk.  I had no plan and no route but snapped away whenever I felt inspired.  Some things I’ve shot before. Some I haven’t.  I also tried a more abstract approach to street photography which…

A tiny visitor

Small beetle visitng a crocus in the garden. Take a closer look at the photo here

Being corporate

My next assignment for my photography course covers corporate headshots and environmental photography. I was lucky enough to secure some willing models from work to help me practice. The theory for this seems straightforward but adding the complexity of light, flash, modifiers and posed subjects is quite a bit to take in. Thankfully my models…

This may come as a surprise…

… I actually managed to get out and go for a run! I finally feel well enough to get my running shoes back on and get back out there. I am not sure my chest/nose would agree as I had to stop a couple times due to the cold air but I am happy I…

A bleak weekend

Not the brightest of weekends but the opportunity to try and capture the mood, the light and the snow with a time-lapse video. This is my largest volume of shots yet to create this time-lapse – nearly 2,000 photos!


All shot on Victoria Embankment, London during a¬†short walk along the Thames to clear my head. It’s amazing what you see when you look.

Merry Christmas

Have a lovely Christmas. Whatever, wherever and however you celebrate, have a lovely time.