Time to get Mooving

Just completed a breakfast run in Spain and my first training session with my new Moov device.


Moov is designed to train you as you exercise and I funded mine through Kickstarter.

I did the first Running Efficiency training this morning as cadence has always been difficult to judge.

It was really good and getting me started, coaching me and telling me what I was doing right and wrong.

The Moov connects to my phone by Bluetooth for live feedback. At one point it even told me to run straighter with my shoulders back.

I completed 5 interval sessions (2 more than the session starts with) then ended the training session before completing my run back along the beach.


I started the second section back from the lighthouse and it certainly felt like is completed quite a hard workout (and I have not run since last Tuesday). I really enjoyed today’s run though as it’s helped cleared my head.

I’ve not slept well since Brandy passed away but I hope this holiday and my return to running will help me get back to my normal routine.

The Moov is a great device providing more stats than I know what to do with. I shall use it for the time being to see how it helps my running form etc.

Check out my route on Garmin Connect.

Adios for now!

For Brandy x

I’ve been awake all night
I’ve been up since two
It’s really tough to say
Just how much I miss you

I wish and hope
For just one more day
To sit and cuddle
For some fuss, some play

But you’re gone now
It’s very hard to take
The decision we made
My heart does break

I know it’s for the best
We’ve done the right thing
We really didn’t want to see you suffering

You’re asleep sweet princess
You’re now at peace
I just hope this pain of ours will ease

We’ll remember you fondly
I hope you of us too
Say hi to Jerry
Brandy don’t ever forget

We love you.

Review: Klitch Footwear Clip

The Klitch holding my Flyknits together - at least they are colour coordinated!

The Klitch holding my Flyknits together – at least they are colour coordinated!

My first Jogg Box included a Klitch.  I had never heard or seen one before so was intrigued when I took it out of the box.

Basically a Klitch is a large secure peg that you put into both of your trainers to hold them together.  There is a carabiner attached to the clip so that you can then hand your shoes off anything you chose to.

This is designed so that your shoes do not take up all the room in your bag and can air whilst attached to your bag etc.

I like the idea but I do worry about a whether they would a) damage my shoes and b) be completely secure.

I am not 100% sure I would want £130 worth of shoes hanging off my gym bag as I walk, cycle or commute home.  I think I would feel much safer having my trainers safely bagged up in the bottom of my bag.

This is a neat idea and one that appears to work well but I must say I don’t think I would look for this normally.

It all seems very simple and the clip is guaranteed for 12 months but they take no responsibility for loss of shoes etc.

You could achieve the same thing by tiring your shoe laces together onto your bag and that would be just as secure.

I might take it on holiday to keep my trainers sand free on the beach but I don’t think I will be using them regularly with my Flyknits!

A quirky product and a stocking filler for the runner who has everything but for me it’s a no.  Sorry.