Most enjoyable continuous 5K since Spain

The work, the stress and the tiredness has piled on this week but I was determined to run tonight.

I made myself take the alternative route up the long hill and back as I knew this would give my legs a good work out and guarantee my distance.

I was right as I run a good 5k with no breaks, pumped my legs and enjoyed the run.

It was another dark one again and I chose not to pay any attention to my watch but to simply listen out for iSmoothRun to announce each kilometre. Mentally this was much cleaner as I felt good as the number increased and wasn’t worried about how much I had to do to reach each target.

I took my illuminated Ron Hill bottle with me and was glad I did as some parts (even in residential streets) had no lighting at all. It gave me confidence I was seen and I could see where I was going (for the most part).

It also helped me to see how I was running and judge if I was slouching or crossing my hands in front of me. It did help me stop this a few times and I think this has helped as my shoulder is feeling ok.

I am diligently completing the exercises the physiotherapist recommended and apart from some stiffness don’t feel too bad. Work stress and sitting at my desk make it worse. I’m seeing him tomorrow so hopefully he’ll be happy with my progress.

My mindset changed tonight as well. I was happier with my run. Was more relaxed and simply got on with it. I didn’t let things distract me and had no fear of the distance.

I’m planning a run of 7 or 8 k for Saturday and this will be my final long run before the race in a couple of weeks as we are in Barcelona next weekend 😄

I feel very positive about my form and happy that I am in a good place for the 10k.

Check out my stats on Garmin Connect.




The clocks went back this weekend and you can tell the difference.  My evening runs are now in darkness and it is taking some getting used to :(

I did a big loop and a smaller one of the area where we lived this evening to get me to 5K.  I am amazed though how many street lights are not work which should be sorted by the developers and the council.  Of course if I run too early and leave the estate there are no street lights late at night as Essex County Council are too tight to keep them switched on…

I did have to stop for a brief walk just near the end of the 3K lap and had a drink and a brisk walk – I then pushed on until 5K.

Oddly tonight I felt hungry rather than anything else and I am not sure why as I have had my normal diet.  It might be psychological though as the clocks have just changed plus it was dark and a little cold.

I ran in my new Puma running tights and have gone back to the padded socks I used to wear, simply to keep my feet a bit warmer.  I think this will definitely be part of my outfit on race day when I run the Adnams Southward 10K in a couple of weeks as it will be the middle of November and along the North Sea.

Of course I wore my high vis running t-shirt to make sure I was seen – and I wore a compression top underneath just to keep any of the cold out.  I didn’t need sleeves tonight but I was comfortable which is the main thing.

Not too shabby for a mid-week run and given how mad Monday and Tuesday have been I am happy with tonight’s progress.

Take a look at my run stats at Garmin Connect.

3 weeks and counting…

IMG_9369.JPGMy race bib and timing chip have arrived for the Adnams Southwold 10K.

Looking forward to the race and especially looking forward to my goody bag which includes a bottle of Adnams beer!

Just I hope I finish in good time as the town centre can only be closed off for 90 minutes! 😉

A busy Saturday

IMG_9356Trying to get back into my training proper for the 10K in a couple of weeks and will ensure I complete longer runs over the weekend.

Today was 6K – which although not 10 is longer than my usual run.  I decided to take it easy and run on a loop that would take me 3K out and back,

It was a lovely day – bit gusty but sunny nonetheless.  The perfect autumnal day.

Richard and I have had a busy day, tidying the garden, sorting the garage and garden, some DIY in the bathrooms and the usual clean up – quite a lot for one day.  At least the clocks go back tonight so we will get an extra hour in bed tomorrow!

As you can see from my photo I caught a gorgeous sunset at the end of the run.

I am not sure how many songs runs I will get in before the race because we have a weekend in Spain coming up but I feel good following todays run so I am sure I have it in me to complete the 10K in Southwold.

This hopefully will be my last run with the bum bag I bought to house my iPhone 6.  The sports band I ordered from Amazon has finally been dispatched so hopefully by the time I run next on Tuesday I will be able to use that.

I enjoy using iSmoothRun especially as it exports to all the places I upload my run data – at present it’s not ideal though as I lose time putting it in and taking it out of the bum bag.

Have a look at my run on Garmin Connect.

An example to us all

This is how these incidents should be covered. An honourable, thought provoking piece from the Canadian media. If only other news and media channels had such honour, courage and conviction to report in this manner. Maybe we wouldn’t be in such dire straights.. Think about your actions Fox, Sky – you all have a role to play in this heinous world in which we live.

Canada is forever changed following yesterday’s brutal events but still it shines a light as a beacon of morality and humility. I do hope one day the rest of the civilised world can follow their example.

Just a quick one

Damn it's getting darker :(

Damn it’s getting darker :(

I didn’t plan to run but got out there and decided to do just a quick one!

I was aiming for 3K at best as it was cold, windy and started to rain when I started my run.

I tracked the run with iSmoothRun as Garmin took ages so I practically ran blind – and I kept going.  I knew I would be tired as I have not run for a couple of days but decided to simply keep going until I had had enough.

I completed 4:58 KM so not bad for just a quick run.

I need to get more mileage in my legs though as the Adnams Southwold 10K is in only 3 weeks!

I am going to the physiotherapist this week as I have had pain in my right shoulder-blade/neck for a while – I hope it’s not connected to my running (it hasn’t hindered me really).  Fingers crossed!

Take a look at my run on Garmin Connect.

Happy Anniversary Baby

8 years ago Richard and I tied the knot. IMG_9117.JPG

We have spent 8 wonderful years together as husband and husband. Long may it continue.

I love my baby so much xxx