MEH (juxtaposed)


Paul and I visited the Mirrorcity exhibition at the Hayward Gallery this evening.

It’s billed as:

MIRRORCITY explores the effect the digital revolution has had on our experiences.
London is one of the world’s centres for contemporary art. MIRRORCITY shows recent work and new commissions by key emerging and established artists working in the capital today, who seek to address the challenges, conditions and consequences of living in a digital age.

Honestly I don’t get it. I didn’t understand it. We were both constantly confused and dumbfounded by what was a massive assault on our senses.

As Paul said this was an art show that people who don’t go to art shows, think all art shows are like.

Confused. Unkempt. Noisy. Messy.

The most coherent piece was watching a film about dual experiences of schizophrenia whilst projected onto the inside and traverse of orbs whilst sat inside the bow of an upturned navy vessel.

I kid you not.

One exhibit had us walked down stairs to the fire escape and back again. We missed the 21 minute whale and screaming soundtrack completely.

This is the kind of exhibition that the term juxtapose was created for (GRRRRRR).

Very very very odd.

We stopped for a drink and a bite to eat. Mainly to reacquaint ourselves with the real world. We honestly sat for some time trying to take in what exactly we had seen in the exhibition. Neither of us were very sure.

I am sure some will enjoy Mirrorcity and it did make us laugh but I’m not sure that was the intention of the curator.

Never mind, I had a nice evening with a good friend and took some nice photos of London whilst out and about along the Thames

Not much running but LOTS of activity!

It’s been a very very intensive week since the Adnams 10K last Sunday.

Adams released some official photos from the race – sadly Enda and I didn’t come off too well in the final shot ūüėě ¬†Never mind, we know it was us (see below).

Enda on the left, me on the right - honest!

Enda on the left, me on the right – honest!

I knew it would be busy but it has certainly taken its toll on me.

Monday after our guests left I sorted the house, went into Colchester and renewed my passport and thought about some basics for Christmas before packing up my stuff for a night in London on Tuesday.  (Somewhere in here I forgot to relax!)

Tuesday was dinner and Goldfrapp with friends at the Royal Albert Hall.  An amazing concert but a late one for a school night.

Wednesday things started to ramp up at work and the stress levels started to climb.  My boss was rather patronising in telling everyone not to get ill Рrather pointless as most were already feeling under the weather or getting over something.

For my sins I seem to have been playing agony uncle and awful lot and admit this was starting to wear me down.

Thursday and Friday I was at a workshop which meant I didn’t get to come home as it was a 4 hour trip door to door. ¬†This was incredibly intense but very interesting¬†and engaging.

Not surprisingly in amongst this the work still managed to pile up and the stress from the office got bigger and bigger which added to the pressure.  I handled it (I always do) but I came away with a sore throat.

I haven’t really managed to get in a good nights sleep at all this week and Saturday morning I woke with a really sore throat and crap on my chest.

Richard got me some cold remedy which has helped and I am feeling slightly better today but the stress levels remain high as I have a global broadcast to manage (well two) on Tuesday so it’s still all hands on deck.

Thing is all this will be invisible to my colleagues (unless they read this) who assume I take it all in my stride – which I do. ¬†I do seem to motor on through all this and get things done. ¬†I just wish others had the same conviction…

Anyway this all amounts to me not running at all since the 10K last weekend which is a shame as I really enjoyed the race. ¬†So much so I have signed up for the mailing list for next years entry ūüėĄ ¬† Maybe next year Enda and I may be joined by Paul in the run?

Richard anviewimage_storyd I have sorted the house today Рall that remains is to head out into the rain for some lunch and then to watch The Imitation Game which we are both really looking forward to.

Hopefully once I am past the chaos of the broadcast I can get back into my trainers (which I think still have my timing chip attached to them) and put in a run or two next week.  Fingers crossed!

Oh if anyone knows this doctor feel free to send him my way for a medical examination – you know, just to be sure everything is ok!


Goldfrapp. Royal Albert Hall, 18 Nov 2014.


Last night we attended the Goldfrapp concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Supported by the London Concert Orchestra, Goldfrapp performed Tales of Us in its entirety with the orchestra which made for a sumptuous and rich rendition of the album.

Following this the Lips choir (52 female vocalists who sing melodies), came on to sing a separate piece before joining the Orchestra to perform segments of vocal and back track on other Goldfrapp hits.

The best surprise was the introduction of John Grant who sang a few dust with Alison (some which I felt worked and some which did not).


You cannot beat the Royal Albert Hall as a venue, the sound is amazing and the acoustics are simply brilliant.  Alison was clearly nervous singing in such a grand environment but she soon conquered her nerves and belted out some fantastic renditions of Goldfrapp favourites.

A special highlight was¬†Lovely Head where Alison’s whistling was top key and registered very high – this was also true of the vocal sections which make up the back track which came out loud and clear.

Near the end Alison asked everyone to stand (the Royal Albert Hall is very formal), it was nice to stand and dance around a bit.  Although it was a bit precarious on the front row of the circle.


I had a really fun evening with friends and we enjoyed a lovely meal in the Royal Albert Hall restaurant before the concert.

IMG_9863.JPGAnother wonderful concert from Goldfrapp and judging by what Alison said on stage, their last live show for  a while.

I am so glad we got tickets for this performance as it was truly magical.

The most polite 10K ever : Adnams Southwold 10K : 1:02:49

Seriously the crowds in Southwold for the Adnams 10k were very polite. Lots of “well done now”, “jolly good show” coupled with mild clapping.


As you can see Enda and I were full of beans at the start of the race.

We could have done without the taxi driver trying to get through the crowd of runners at the start but apart from that it was a nice race.

Running along the harbour we then turned along the coast, up a hill across the rugby pitches and golf course then back down to the harbour.

There were lots of pot holes to dodge along the harbour and despite my best efforts my feet got wet ūüėě


The route was three loops with the final section running into town for the finish. It was nice to see these parts of Southwold. Having been there some many times it’s still nice to discover new things and running often gets you to places you wouldn’t venture.

Enda hasn’t run for a while so we decided to keep to a routine pace and did well crossing the line in 1:02:49. It was also very civilised for us as we had a chat here or there, motivating one another and keeping our spirits up.

It also helped that a cute, bearded muscular guy who was running ahead, kept stopping to wait for his female friend. It made us happy as we got to observe him on many an occasion throughout the race.

I’m really pleased with the time considering how much training I have managed and the conditions. It was cold and drizzly but thankfully the race took part during the best of the weather!

Enda and I also stopped mid route for a pee so the final time and pace of 6:14 is very good.

The medal is very clever. A race sponsored by a brewer has given a medal where the metal is actually a bottle opener. Very smart. Yet another reason to love Adnams.


The race was well attended and organised. The goody bag had a decent selection of food, drinks, sports drinks, bananas, medal and a can of Adnams pale ale ūüėČ Not your usual post race freebie.

Sadly we did not go into Southwold following the race as the weather turned much worse. The roads are flooded and the rain torrential.

At least Enda and I managed to get changed and dry before heading home. The local sports club gave up some changing facilities for runners which was most welcome.

Richard and Paul were great supporters and have taken loads of photos and videos and were very supportive. I think Paul (Captain Fit), was jealous and wanted to run.

Overall a great race and a lovely weekend with friends.

Now when’s the next race…?

Check out my stats on Garmin Connect.

Book Review: The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide

It’s been to long since I’ve read and actual book and whilst waiting for colleagues at the station this drew me into the book store.¬†

A small volume but a wonderful novel The Guest Catis a book that covers the life of a writer in Japan, his wife and their adventures with the neighbours. 

Much more than a book about a cat or the impacts of one on ones life, this book is simply beautiful. 

It is exquisitely written with such a wonderful tone and a beautiful story. 

You really do feel part of the story and are left enlightened and enthralled by there minor adventures. 

If you like me haven’t picked up a book for a while, try this one. ¬†IMG_9731-1.JPG

Tapering (ish)

IMG_9744Well it was tapering but it did not really feel like it as I did not run in a week!

My last run was last Tuesday and I have not had time to fit in any more sessions.

Tonight’s run was ok and was a short tapering session to make sure everything was ready for the Adnams Southward 10K which takes place on Sunday.

It was an ok run – managed to completed the circuit with relative ease and feel ok for it.

The winter high vis warmer gear got an airing again today and considering how comfy I was I think I might wear this during the race (I may well need it as I will be running along the North Sea coast!).

Just have to be patient now, wait for Sunday and ensure that my mind does not talk me out of the run or put myself down.

We have friends coming this weekend, one who is running with me and one who is supporting so it will be nice to entertain them and to participate in the race with them alongside.

Considering Richard and I walked many miles during our short break to Barcelona at the weekend, my feet and legs don;t feel too bad.

I simply hope the weather and the north sea-coast behaves itself at the weekend!

Wish me luck.

Check out my stats on Garmin Connect.

Morning World

IMG_9734.JPG (Captured on the train whilst travelling to work).