A short wet one…

IMG_3487.JPGOooer Mrs!

I was dog tired on the way home and I am sure I had a pretty deep sleep until the train was delayed due to points failure. Arriving eventually at Colchester it was heavy drizzle and rain and I felt pretty low.

I was determined though and decided that even though I didn’t have the time I wanted to run, I would run any way.

I ran 3k this evening and the cold drizzle made a refreshing change.

It was simply one big lap this evening and then back to the house but I’m happy that I did it – a run is a run is a run!

I used iSmoothRun this evening as Nike has been miscalculating routes and my Garmin is still taking ages to find a signal. It worked very well, finding a signal quickly and uploading to everything at once.

The recorded time and pace was almost identical to the Garmin so I may go back to using it on future runs… Although I will have a new app and piece of kit to try very soon… ūüėÉ

I missed the worst of the weather though but all in all I am glad that I got out there this evening.

Take a look at my run on Garmin Connect, Strava and The Running Bug.

What Moves You?

‚ÄúWhat Moves You?‚Ä̬†is a feature-length documentary that captures¬†the heartbreak and euphoria of “every runners” as they break through the pain barrier in search of the joy of running.

This is currently a project which is trying to gather crowd funding on Kickstarter.

The intro video (above) it very well shot and atmospheric – I would hope this is carried into the final film which I would love to watch.

There are only a couple of days left for them to reach their funding goal.

Why not pop over to Kickstarter and support them?

My First Park Run!

Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as (park life run!) – Sorry Blur!

Thanks to Richard singing that this morning it has been going through my head throughout the Park Run!

I’ve covered quite a bit of distance this morning – I walked to and from the Park Run which means I had clocked up 6K without even running.

Colchester Castle Park Run

Colchester Castle Park Run

I have been meaning to do a Park Run for so long and finally got my ass over to Colchester Castle Park to join the other 120+ runners who were up early to runs round the park.

I was not sure what to expect but was happy with the casual way it was all set up and amazed how organised the volunteers are at getting it all together.

I didn’t really speak to anyone but I am sure if I attend more I will do.

I was a little nervous about a couple of things but I didn’t need to be. ¬†It turned out I was one of many new runners this morning – new to Park Run in general so I had nothing to fear.

I was also worried about the route as I was not totally sure where to go – my biggest surprise when I joined the newbies to hear the route dictated was that the long steep hill to the castle was actually run three times – I was only expecting it twice!

I joined the starting pack and before you knew it we were off.

There were lots of marshals out and quite a few people supporting runners and true to form there were people of all ages and abilities.  Thankfully that marshals did a great job of pointing everyone in the right direction!

I have run Castle Park before as it was the route of the Santa run – I am always amazed how you can find different ways to run the same distance in one place.

There’s three different looped segments in the park which meant there was a fair amount of lapping. ¬†I am not sure how fast the faster guy was but he must have come in somewhere around 18 minutes or so.

I felt tired on the third climb towards the castle so slowed my pace so that I could concentrate on gaining speed on the final stretch.

It felt so good to finish and collect my token and get blipped in for my time (it’s all very swish).

As you can see I was happy to finish

As you can see I was happy to finish

I do not know my official race time yet but I ran this 5K in 29:04 so I am happy with that (Nike recorded longer as I started it whilst the guys were welcoming everyone at the start line).

UPDATE Results are up already:

144 Keith TOMLINSON 29:08 VM40-44 46.85 % M 107 First Timer! 1

Having sync’d all my data I can also confirm this is my fastest 5K ūüėÉ ¬†Double whammy today!

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 16.43.55

Happy with that :)

I am so pleased I did it today and despite the heavy rain over night and the cold wind today, I enjoyed the run.

It’s so good to see so many people out enjoying such events and to see so many enjoying the park too. ¬†We really are fortunate to live where we do.

If you run Colchester Park Run why not say hello next time!

To find out more about Park Run in your area click here.

Here’s my stats on Garmin Connect, Strava and of course The Running Bug.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Poppies and Pedestrians

I wanted to see the WWI RIMG_8672emembrance poppy memorial at the Tower of London so decided to run that way at lunch.

The route was a bit hap hazard as I had to divert due to the swing bridge being closed, I had to speed along Tower Bridge as it was about to open and of course there were lots of tourists.

Of course stopping mid run meant I was sweaty which meant the tourists cleared a path when I got to the Tower of London.

The poppy exhibition is breathtaking and I plan to see it again before it is removed. More poppies are added until armistice day so it’s an evolving structure.


My Garmin again lost satellite reception (and took ages to find a signal) so I relied on Nike Running for distance. It maybe wasn’t surprising considering how many tunnels and bridges I went under.

I was going to stop when I reached 5k on the Nike but let the Garmin get me there (considering all the stairs and stopping I had to do). I ended up going over 5k though and am happy with the effort for a lunch time.

I found some speed where there was space and despite the detour etc I enjoyed the run.

I think I’ve managed a run photo that is quite unique.

I am sure I turned a few heads at the Tower of London when I stopped to take some snaps and then sped off again!

It was breezy along the Thames but not too bad for a lunch time in August.

Stopping and starting so much (and all the stairs) were tough on my legs but I had moments of speed and ease along the straights at Queens Walk etc. Of course I had to have my wits about me and duck and dive to avoid tourists and pigeons.

It was great to unwind and concentrate on something else as it’s been a long week (and it’s only a four-day one!).

I’ll update with Garmin data etc when I get chance but for now the Nike map will give you an indication of my route and effort.

Here is the run data from Strava, Garmin Connect, Nike + and The Running Bug.  Garmin/Strava have been updated to reflect the full distance and pace as recorded from Nike+.

Nipples that can cut glass!


No you can't see my nipples!

No you can’t see my nipples!

The rain did not stop until this afternoon which meant I did not get out for a run yesterday as I had planned therefore I went out tonight after work.

Although the rain had subsided it was cold and very windy tonight – in fact it felt more like late autumn than late summer.

I was a bit sore upon leaving tonight and started not sure if I would manage 5K at all.  I kept the motivation up though and decided to run loops due to the weather and how I was feeling.

In no time I found myself completing 3K and was happy that i would make it to 5 – although I knew I wouldn’t be as fast as I was last week.

Despite the wind and the cold it was a good run and I managed o push quite hard considering.

I wore my normal summer gear but realised that my nipples were rock hard due to the cold – thankfully this was only a short run so there was no fear of getting runners nipple but I certainly must have looked a sight!

Happy that I got and run tonight – Thursdays run (if all goes to plan) will be in London during my lunch break.

Check out the run on Garmin Connect (which behaved itself tonight), Strava or The Running Bug.

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