Pie halts training!

No seriously!

Dishing up dinner the other night , I slipped and spilt gravy and meat onto the floor.

I wasn’t wearing any socks and it took a while for the heat to register the pie contents sat on top of my bare foot.


I ran upstairs and put my foot under a cold tap but the damage had been done.

I wanted to run tonight but it was clear when I removed the blister plaster that it was not to be.

I hope it clears up quickly as the Pride 10K is only 16 days away 😔

Annoyed I’ve never had a blister running but have got one cooking which has stopped my 10K run training in its tracks 😔. Not happy.

Thats some hot hills!

Smiling but hot and sore!

Smiling but hot and sI ran hills today and copied what I did last week – 1K out, 5 loops and then a 1K home – 5K in total.

Today was much warmer though – current temperature is 23 degrees but the feels like temperature is 26.  It certainly felt that hot on the run and I forgot on that hill I am quite exposed.  There was a decent breeze but it was open and full sun all the way.

I passed two other runners out today – both very fit guys who seemed to be doing longer routes than me – one was heading up over the large hill, best of luck to him as it’s very steep and very exposed (I am sure he is more than fit enough to do it though).

I am running out of time to train for the Pride 10K which is on the 9th and I keep having to reschedule my routine to fit in any decent amount of training.  

I know that I can run 10K that’s not a problem.  I want to beat my PB though and as everyone tells me the race is a fast flat one, this would be the perfect opportunity.  Once again I will rely on hill and FARTLEK work to give me some decent speed but I am not sure I will manage many long steady runs before race day.

I hope to squeeze in an 8K run maybe on Sunday and a Park Run the following Saturday and that will be it.

I am looking forward to the race though – should be a fun day out and in aid of a good cause.

I’ve decided to replace my trusty running cap – it has been very good to me until recently where it has failed to stop the sweat running into my eyes.  I have bought a Gore cap and hope that the integral sweat band in the cap will solve this issue.  It was quite uncomfortable and dangerous today as I was sweating so much I could not see out of one eye :(

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A wonderful weekend in Cheshire

This weekend Richard and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Cheshire with our friends Andy and Rob.

It was lovely to get away and despite the weather we have had a relaxing weekend.



Richard and I posing ala Patrick Lichfield at Shugborough Hall

Richard and I posing ala Patrick Lichfield at Shugborough Hall

Richard and I posing ala Patrick Lichfield at Shugborough Hall

Richard and I posing ala Patrick Lichfield at Shugborough Hall

Shugborough Hall

Shugborough Hall

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall

Ducklings, Little Moreton Hall

Ducklings, Little Moreton Hall

Thunderous FARTLEK

IMG_8209The plan was to get up early, utilise my commute time (working from home) and run so that I beat the heat of the day (forecast is for 30 degrees).

This worked for about half of the run… I got out of the house around 6:15 and it was glorious and sunny – very humid but sunny.

I got into an even pace quite soon and at 1K put my foot down to do FARTLEK sections.  The plan was to run 20 minutes FARTLEK and finish with a further steady 1K.

As I was running I noticed it was a little grey in the distance the wind had cooled.  On my second approach back to the house the weather tureens dramatically, the sky went pitch black, the street lights came on and I knew that I would get soaked if I didn’t put my foot down.

I decided to ignore the remainder of the FARTLEK section and put my foot down sprinting as far and as fast as I could to make it home dry.

I pushed really hard and had to put on the brakes as I was at the edge of my limits and the humidity was not helping my breathing. 

As I approached the house Richard had his head out the hall window looking at the storm – I made a comment that I saw it coming and as I did thunder and lightening cracked overhead and it started to rain.

Glad I managed to miss this

Glad I managed to miss this

I managed to do my stretches outside in the first few spots but soon after the heavens opened and we were very much in the eye of the storm.

Thankfully for me I got to observe it from the comfort of the bathroom whilst cleaning my teeth and not whilst out running – I would have honestly have gotten soaked through to the core.

I was pleased with the run though and happy I got a second run in this week – we are off this weekend so not chance of another run.  It wasn’t a big distance today but hopefully this sprinting and proof I can when I need to is evidence and will work towards a faster time at the Pride 10K.

Have look at the run on Garmin or Strava and say hi over on The Running Bug.

Have a great weekend!

Hot sweat and cold showers

I knew tonights run was going to be a tough one as the humidity has been on the increase and the temperature has been hotting up too.  I had planned to run at lunch time but decided that was not a good idea in a very humid London in 26 degrees.



I used this humidity to try out my new Saucony running vest.  I bought it a couple weeks ago and have not seen the weather reach the heights I was expecting so have kept it on standby.

I bought a Run Breeze running vest last year but the massive gapping arm holes made it feel odd when I ran.  This one is a much better fit and feels much better – it over course gives me greater movement and far more ventilation.

Sticking to my plan I left the house ready to run hills and decided once I got ti the end of New Braiswick Park i would run up the steep hill to the golf club and back a couple times – in fact 5 times.

I thought it would be hard going, it was hot and I could feel some pain in my abs but I kept going and the 5 loops up and down the hill past by quite quickly.

At the end of the 5th loop I ran back towards the house and completed 5K in good time.

The elevation doesn’t look much on my Garmin track but I can assure  you that it felt like it was hard work and I hope, as planned, it goes towards helping me gain some speed for the Pride 10K at the beginning of August.

... after

… after

I felt rather worse for wear after the run but I don’t think I look too bad in the after photo…

This was the first run in ages where I had problems sweating so much – I did wear my running cap but the sweat got in my eyes several times and it was painful to see at times.

I throughly enjoyed my shower after my run and once I was clean switched the dial to cold and eased my aches and pains in a refreshing cold shower.  In this weather it was more than welcome!

We are away visiting friends this weekend and I am not sure how I am going to sneak in another run this week – I may get up with the larks and try an early FARTLEK session Friday morning before I start work.

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Kelis. Live, Somerset House London.

Well it’s a bit corny as Kelis is promoting her new album Food but this was the most nourishing concert I have been to in ages.

Candice, Paul, Enda and I met after work, had a bite to eat then headed over to Somerset House where we grab a drink from the bar and got a good spot near the stage.

Thankfully the weather was nice and a breeze from the Thames helped to cool the summer evening humidity.

We were enjoying ourselves so much by nattering and people watching (Candice observed all the men in the crowd were gay (and most of the women)) when the support act sprung out of nowhere. We all jumped but were entertained by her (forget her name, apparently she’s in the too ten but that means nothing to me these days).

Kelis came on stage about 45 minutes later and she was one hell of a presence on the stage. Billowing in her Dolce and Gabbana dress she looked stunning.

She surprisingly opened with the standard Feeling Good but lead us into the opening track of Food.

What followed was a glorious cornucopia of music from her entire back catalogue but all skilfully and beautifully reworked into her current jazz funk style.

The new songs were an absolute dream to hear live (especially Rumble and Jerk Chicken but the old favourites worked equally as well.

Rearranging Bounce, Milkshake (which Enda missed as he’d popped to the little boys room), 4th July and Acapella were brilliant.

This show seems to have given Kelis more openness and looseness to her performance which I have not seen before. Nothing was overly stage managed and she even got out a note book to remind her of lyrics from obscure material.

The crowd was brilliant and everyone was dancing and singing. We made some new friends last night and Enda met his future wife.

Of all the concerts we have been to I’ve held aloft a cigarette lighter (mainly as I don’t smoke), but last night during a group hug we all held up our phones and shone the torches in recognition of Kelises beautiful voice whilst singing Lil Star.

My videos snippets etc don’t do the show justice but it will help me remember such a beautiful evening.

Oh and a personal achievement for all of us… Our group self I made it onto the massive concert screen 😃